Eleuthera Soccer

Eleuthera Soccer

A group of people standing around a soccer goal.

Our Mission:

Eleuthera Soccer is dedicated to using the power of grassroots soccer to support physical, emotional, and socio-economic development opportunities for the youth of Eleuthera.
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About Eleuthera Soccer:
The Eleuthera Soccer program, established in 2023 by a group of parents seeking enhanced recreational opportunities for their children, swiftly evolved from a small gathering of families engaged in weekend soccer activities to a thriving community comprising nearly 50 youths dedicated to learning the fundamentals of the beautiful game. YESI is proud to be a partner and supporter of Eleuthera Soccer’s goals and vision.

Our Vision
Eleuthera Soccer envisions a future where soccer serves as a catalyst for holistic youth development in Eleuthera, instilling values of respect, community stewardship, and personal responsibility. We aspire to empower the youth as leaders, fostering positive change in their lives and the broader community. Committed to growth, we actively seek more coaches, playing spaces, and scholarship funds for advanced training. Together, we shape a generation that excels not only athletically but also embodies values crucial for a thriving future.
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Our donations are currently being routed through YESI. You can use any of the donation options listed on this site, and be sure to leave a comment to note that your donation is intended for Eleuthera Soccer.